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Vegetable Basket Stackable Vegetable Basket Storage Fruit Rack

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Keep your vegetables and fruits aired and in a fresh environment to help them stay good for a longer time! Using this vegetable basket, you will give you a house and kitchen a cute and warm sensation of being home! And overall avoid putting your fruits or vegetables in the fridge as they most surely last longer, but because they will freeze, lose their freshness, taste, and smell!

This multifunctional vegetable basket is perfect to keep your fresh organic vegetables or fruits near for a mid-day snack! Or close when cooking a healthy salad or meal. 

Durable and long-lasting, made with high-quality, eco-friendly, recycled plastic materials. With these baskets, you will fit everything you need. Thanks to their higher weight capability, you can place all kinds of fruits and vegetables in them! And As they are made with a basket design, the racks are breathable and you can easily put your vegetables in them, while you let them rinse.

Easy to clean

This vegetable basket is also really easy to clean as you just need to dismount every basket, and scrub them with water and soap. Try to clean it regularly so that bacterias and fungus don’t get even a little near your food! Take care of yourself and your family. This product is yous great. You should definitely try it!


But this product is not just for vegetables! You can also use them in your bedroom to keep your makeup stacked in one place, your shoes, or maybe use it in the bathroom to keep the clean and dirty towels separated but close! As a house owner, you know they are never enough places to keep things! And I will tell you another secret! You can dismount one rack and use it as a step ladder! As this product is so strong and reliable, you will be amazed!

Don’t hesitate, this is a great product for you and for your house. Give your kitchen that extra decoration to fillup that empty space.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Storage Basket
  • Material: PP
  • Color: Light Grey or Blue | Random color is sent
  • Quantity: 1 pc
  • Size: 34.5*27.5*21cm/13.56*10.81*8.25in
  • Net weight: 359g/12.66oz

Package contains:

1x Vegetable Basket Stackable Vegetable Basket Storage Fruit Rack



Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Jamie Pham

Way better than the cheap ones you buy at the dollar store. They actually don't break within a week and it hasn't broke on me yet. I stacked them 4 on top of each other to hold my PPEs such as gloves, masks, lysol spray & wipes, and sanitizers. It has been doing it's job. Never buying from the dollar store again! Just gonna stick to this product.

D Carl
What ever you want to use it for toys to winter hats and gloves

It was very ease to put it together. I have put vegetables paper for recycling and any other things. The stacking can be any where from one to for.

Jessica Keeler
Love them

While I Manage a BnB, these are perfect for my room stocking supplies.

Efficient use of space. Holds a lot without taking up a ton of space

I got these to hold potatoes and onions in my pantry. I love them so much! They hold a good amount without taking up tons of space. They stack really sturdy. There are small spike things on the bottom that nest in small holes on the one under it, so they can’t slide around. I really love them!

Great Product!

I ordered these stackable storage bins to put our potatoes and onions in so they would have air circulating around them. You can easily put a 10 lb. bag of potatoes in one of the bins and there's room for more. I also used one of the bins to put on a shelf to put all my spoiled dog's things in. Yes, he has a raincoat and a sweater and if they get a little damp and all the water doesn't come off the raincoat before putting back in the bin, the air holes and open top keeps the coat and other items in the bin from becoming moldy. When I purchased these my concern was the way they stack a little off set on top of each other. I thought that they would take up more room but it doesn't and allows you to access items in the lower bins much easier. Yes, worth every penny!

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