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Solar Power Pond Aerator Oxygenator Pump For Ponds and Aquariums

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Our pond aerator provides intermittent or long-term oxygenation, has a gas volume of 2L / min and ensures a 24-hour work day or more with its battery capacity.
The pond aerator will prevent bad smells, algae and mosquitoes that are frequent problems in artificial lakes and ponds, improper maintenance causes the water to turn green, which is a nuisance for the people around it.

Benefits of our Pond aerator:

  • Natural and safe method for the animals that can inhabit the pond and for people.
  • Friendly with the environment since its battery is charged with solar energy.
  • Eliminates bad smells and mosquitoes.
  • You can work 24 hours a day.
  • Can be programmed with intermittent or long-term oxygenation.

Customer Reviews

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Mara V
Easy to assemble pump

Nice little pump. Everything worked. Comes with a long cord for the solar panel.

Battery backup is great.

This works great as long as it’s charged correctly. Battery back up is really good

Great product

I like it came with diagram for assembly. The product works great. I use on cycle mode with solar panel after charging once with portable battery and it has kept cycling with no problem

it worked

Easy setup .
One aerator put out better then the other. Same for second unit.
But satisfied with this product

Desert Dweller
Excellent Product

Easy to assemble in very few steps, following a picture. The Oxygenator is very effective for infusing air into pond water. We have 2 small ponds and put one airation stone in each. Keeps water fresh for those who drink and keeps water clean and clear.

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