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Improve your garden! Give that special detail that you think is missing. You need to place a shade sail over those garden seats for better resting and relaxing in your garden. Just looking at the flowers, hearing the sound of the wind, and the animals singing. 

This waterproof, sun-resistant shade sail is perfect for keeping yourself away from the UV lights that might cause diseases as skin cancer and other skin diseases. With up to 3 defense fabric, you can protect yourself and your family from too much exposure to the sun.

Perfect for a barbeque, a party on your patio, an evening gathering, or a family dinner on the outdoors. There is nothing better than being outside and enjoy the great summer weather. But, also being able to stay in a good, refreshing shade. Place it over your pool to have a great comfortable favorite spot for you to rest under a shade while swimming.

Choose from a variety of colors and sizes just to suit your garden. Up to 4 different colors

Thank its lotus-leaf design, this product is water-proof, being perfect for those drizzles and summer rains.  Also, as the fabric is breathable, water drops and steam can and will evaporate easily, providing the sail to be at a great temperature

Special high-quality, stainless, D-rings for durable and long working life for your shade sail.

Product Specifications:

  •  Material: Polyester cloth
  •  Features: Shading, Anti-UV, Waterproof
  •  Anti-UV rate: 98%
  •  Shape: Rectangle, Triangle
  •  Colors : Grey / Beige / Green
  •  Weight: about 0.7-1.6kg   
  • Rectangle shade sail: 3x2M, 3x4M
  • Triangle shade sail: 2x2x2M 3x3x3M, 3.6×3.6×3.6M,5x5x5M
  • Square shade sail: 3.6×3.6M,3x3M,2x2M

Package contains:

1x Shade Sail patio shade sails Triangle shade sails rectangular shade sales

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