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Rolling Garden Seat Steerable Garden Stool Cart With Tray and strorage

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We know that one of the worst things about being a gardening enthusiast is to have to carry all those accessories at once. We know it is uncomfortable and even dangerous if you are carrying sharp or electrical devices! Knowing this, you have to protect yourself and your closed ones! And there is no better way to solve this problem than having a rolling garden seat. As it is just perfect for holding all your gardening tools, and more!

Perfect for your back

If you love gardening, taking good care of your plants and keeping them gorgeous. But you know how bad it makes to your back and knees, you don’t have to worry anymore! This convenient 360-degree rotating rolling gardening seat makes working in the yard easier on your back. Transport your plants, decorations, manure, pots, just as easy as carrying a bag at the airport.


This convenient and comfortable seat made with the best high-quality steel, specially designed for gardening purposes. Can be used for washing your car, planting, taking a rest, cleaning some stain on the floor. And go on! The opportunities are infinities.

From the bottom of your heart. When you saw this cart you probably think of it as a toy to play with your kids. So? What’s wrong with that? You can do it! After a long day of gardening and keeping your yard clean and in shape, you can take a little time to play with your kids using this rolling garden seat! And you don’t have to worry about anything, as this seat has a weight capacity of 300 pounds or 136 Kilos and a low gravity center so that is almost impossible for this rolling garden seat to rollover. 

Product Specifications:

Item Weight: 29.3 lb

Weight Capacity: 330 lb

Material: Steel + Rubber Overall

Dimensions: 30″(L) x 17.7″(W) x 21.2″(H)

Diameter of Wheel: 10″

Size of Seat: 17″(L) x 14.5″(W)

Size of Basket: 9.4″(L) x 4.3″(W) x 7.8″(H)

Tie rod size: 19.6″(shrinkage)+30″(extension)

Package contains:

1x Rolling Garden Seat Steerable Garden Stool Cart With Tray and strorage



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