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Reel Mower Hand Push Lawn Mower Courtyard

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We are tired of wasting our money, time, and effort in using a lawnmower that in the end. They are just quite not that good. And we know you have the same issue too! We know you want to change things up a little and improve your life. Make it easier, try using this reel mower!

Reel mowers are better than what people think. They are lightweight, easy to use, comfortable, eco-friendly. They don’t release toxic and harmful gases as oil-powered motors do. While also, they cut the grass better, lower and they require much less maintenance. As they are simple.

Fully Adjustable!

Choose how short you want your lawn, easily just by adjusting the blades on the base! Also, you can adjust the height of the handle with their easy and secure double knobs. Adjust the handles perfectly for your height and say goodbye to those annoying back pains after mowing the lawn.

Great lawn catcher

This reel mower comes with a comfortable and convenient lawn catcher so that you don’t have to clean the remaining cut lawn after a hard day of work! You just need to close it, grab it, throw away the cut lawn and clean the bag so it is ready for another ride!

How to take proper care of my reel mower

Maintaining your reel mower is as easy as using it. Because they work by using its 5 spinning blades and cutting the grass like scissors. You just need to keep those blades real sharp. And from time to time, add some oil or grease to the wheels so that they can spin properly and work as the first time. It is also highly recommended to clean the blades after every use, to avoid them from rusting or damaging. Do this once or twice a year and your reel mower will be your best companion for decades.


Product Specifications:

  • Brand new
  • Material: Plastic, Metal, Nylon Fabric
  • Color: Green + Black
  • Wheel Size: Approx. 8.5″
  • Cutting Width: Approx. 12″
  • Cutting Height: Approx. 12-45mm/0.5″-1.77″ (Adjustment)
  • Overall Length: Approx. 49.5″
  • Overall Main Body Dimensions (minus handle): Approx. 17″ x 12″ x 8.5″ (L*W*H)
  • Cylinder: 5 Metal Blades
  • Catcher Capacity: 6.5 gallons/25L

Package contains:

1x Reel Mower Hand Push Lawn Mower Courtyard

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