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Our grow bags are just what you were looking for, they have an intelligent design with ventilation for the plant that allows the roots to breathe and grow in a healthy way, it has a viewing window to verify the status of the plant. The potato grow bag is made of a resistant material and is reusable, as well as being ecological and does not affect the growth of your plant.

Benefits of our Potato grow bag:

• Easy to use as it has a firm handle that allows you to move it easily.
• It has 3 vents for your plants to breathe, grow healthy and eliminate excess water.
• It has a viewing window through which you can check if your plant is mature.
• It is made of canvas and felt, it has a double layer design making it more resistant and durable.
• Ecological materials.
• 10 Gallon 35x40cm size, enough space to plant comfortably.
• Perfect for use on the balcony, garden or anywhere else in your home.