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Pond Filter + Pond Fountain + 13W UV Sterilizer + Pump: All In One Pond System

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If you have a pond, pool, or big birdbath at home. You probably know how easy steady waters get green and nasty as they fill with algae, fungi, and parasites. With this lowes pond filter, made with specialized UV Filter. You can eliminate all algae, parasites, or bacteria and keep your water clean and ready for action.

If you are thinking of buying a decorative fountain for your garden, pool, or pond. Make sure is not just for decoration! Nowadays everything has a double use. For example, this fountain! This all-in-one lowes pond filter you have an energy-efficient pump, with a great filter for either big and small particles, a built-in UV sterilizer, and a fountain set with 4 different nozzles. This product has everything you need!

The perfect Sanitizer:

Kids love pools, every kid loves swimming, splashing, and playing in the water. And you can keep your family safe, as your children won’t get any fungi infection or getting sick just because they were playing on their own pool! You need to make sure they are safe all the time. And there is no better way than making their favorite playground safer.

Awesome accessory for every pond.

If you have a decorative pond and you don’t want to damage the natural view with a plastic fountain in the middle. You don’t have to worry about that! This lowes pond filter can run completely submerged, as you don’t have to worry about how to disguise this filter as you normally do with other external water filters. This is a real bonus for small pond landscaping.

Not only that! But this filter works as a beautiful fountain, just perfect for every garden. Thanks to their variety of nozzles, you can choose your favorite stream pattern.

Product Specifications:

  • ¬†Power: 28 Watts
  • Max Flow Rate: 265 GPH
  • H-Max (Lift height): 4.5 feet
  • Height of the fountain tube: 15 “
  • 13 Watt UV Sterilizer
  • 15.5′ Pump Power Cable
  • 110 – 120V @ 60 Hz
  • 13.5 X 3.5 X 3.5 inches (L x W x H)

Package contains:

1x Pond Filter + Pond Fountain + 13W UV STERILIZER + Pump: All IN ONE POND SYSTEM

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