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Lavor Saving Garden Prunning scissors with safety buckle Garden Pruning shears

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Everyone needs a good pair of pruning scissors, whether if you need them for pruning your bushes, to harvest your crop, to cut your fruit trees, or even for cutting your little bonsai tree. These pruning scissors are great for every work. As they will make any chore easier and faster. 

Extremely comfortable, do not doubt it just because of its size. These scissors will surprise you as they cut everything! Made to last, thank their high-quality, long-lasting stainless steel and waterproof paint. These scissors will be at your house for decades and still will be working as the first day you bought them.

Safety first

We know our kids and pets are unpredictable, you care for their safety. Not only that, but accidents happen, and no one wants to get hurt with scissors. This is why these pruning scissors come with a seatbelt buckle design, which will keep the scissors close. Avoiding them from hurting anyone and also protecting the blades for extra longevity.

Innovating ergonomic assistant band for extra comfort and maneuver. Also, these pruning scissors have the perfect grip! Also, the handle is brushed with high-efficiency waterproof paint, which can effectively prevent rust.

Relax as you cut the bushes in your garden. Give them, that symmetrical, recomforting shape that you always wanted and just as easy as to pass these scissors straight and easily cutting every leaf and branch on your way!

If you have a bonsai tree these pruning scissors are perfect for keeping its perfect shape. As they are so sharp, lightweight, and comfortable, you will make precise cuts with ease.

Product Specifications:

  • Main Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Red + Silver
  • Type: straightforward
  • Maximum opening diameter: 60mm/2.4in
  • Leaf length: 55mm/2.2in
  • Total length: 170mm/6.7in
  • Size: 170*80*15mm/6.69*3.15*0.59in

Package contains:

1x Lavor Saving Garden Prunning scissors with safety buckle Garden Pruning shears

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