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Honey Cutter Beekeeping tools honeycomb scraper

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If you love to have your own, fresh, organic honey. Then, you surely are thinking about buying a beekeeper. Or, maybe you already have one. But do you know how to properly harvest the honey? It is indeed no easy task! If you are a professional beekeeper, you probably already know a perfect method to remove the best honey without wasting or damaging the beehive. But if you don’t, then we recommend you this honey cutter!

Either if you are a professional beekeeper or an amateur, this product is an excellent option for doing the task. This honey cutter is made with high-quality materials, stainless steel, and ergonomic and durable handles so that you have the best experience.

Specially designed for cutting and removing the beeswax cover and cleaning any remaining on our nest spleen before removing the honey itself. This process is very important as it helps the honey to stay with the highest quality it can. As the beeswax removes the natural taste of the honey.

This handle is perfect, comfortable, with a perfect grip, and made with durable materials, 100% made with eucalyptus wood. Which gives the handle a smooth and reliable feeling.

The fork comes with 17 stainless steel needles perfect for honey cutting. Because of this, the process of honey cutting gets easier. Also, this product comes with a shovel to help easily remove the beeswax and have that pure honey we all love to see and taste

Go ahead and give it a try! Grow your own beehive and taste that raw, unprocessed honey! It tastes like nothing you have ever tasted before! You won’t regret it! Go ahead and hit that “Add to cart” button before this special sales prices run out!


Product Specifications;

  • Product Size: Length: 23 cm
  • Needle width: 7.5 cm
  • Material: Stainless steel, Plastic
  • Weight: Approx 171g

Package contains:

1x Honey Cutter Beekeeping tools honeycomb scraper


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