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Hand Weeder Garden Tool Multipurpose Manual Weed Puller

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If you are tired of removing dandelions, crabgrass, and all those undesirable bad weeds that conquered your yard, by hand, then you need this weeder! This stainless steel weed puller is perfect for those hard to eliminate plagues!

Comfortable and reliable

As this product is specially made for gardening purposes, is made with the best reliable, long-lasting, durable materials. And overall, this weeder comes with a hardwood handle that absorbs impact and friction. So is comfortable and it won’t damage our hands during those long hours of work under the sun.

Metal base for easier use

This 12 inches weeder is perfect for removing bad grass, make this tedious labor much easier. As it comes with a metal base, perfectly places for sliding, and being a support for the perfect angle and positioning of the weeder. Thanks to this, you just have to place the base on the floor and go straight to the bad grass. Grab them and then pull them off completely, all the way to the roots so that they don’t grow back!

As the sharp fork tips are made with high-quality stainless steel, you will have a product that will last for years and decades!

For some of us, gardening is a great hobby and we love to have our yard as neat as possible, but sometimes we don’t have time to take good care of it. Which is why we need the best products! Something that is comfortable, reliable, and last-longing. So that we could transform a long and tedious chore into something fast and fun! And if you don’t like to take care of your garden, it’s ok! We get you, but sometimes you have to! When that moment comes, you will love to have an accessory that makes the job easier.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Color: hump
  • Size: (Approx) 12 Inch

Package contains:

1x Hand Weeder Garden Tool Multipurpose Manual Weed Puller




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