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Glow in the dark Garden Pebbles 300 pieces

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Transform your backyard into a fantasy! Fulfill all your dreams, this is definitely the ultimate decoration for your garden. These glowing pebbles are so beautiful.

These pebbles work by absorbing the sun lights during the day and at night, they glow with natural beautiful color. It is amazing how simple they are but how cute they look! You can make a whole path of glowing pebbles on your garden, make geometrical figures, write someone’s name or phrase. The uses of these pebbles are up to your imagination!

You don’t have to use it every day! You can surprise your loved one with a romantic date under the moonlight, guide him o her through a glowing pebbles road. Perfect for a night neither of you will forget.

Decore your favorite bushes and flowers with a colorful rainbow of pebbles around so that they look perfect and beautiful in the night just as they do during the day.

How do you make them glow?

These pebbles work by absorbing the sunlight and then they will glow in their all-natural way. You just need to place them without any cover or package, every one of them, have to be placed with direct contact to the sun or otherwise won’t work correctly. If you pile up or stack up the pebbles, the ones beneath won’t glow.

Pebbles might glow as bright as the time and intensity of the sunlight. When it gets dark, be sure to place the pebbles away from any other source of light so that they can glow on their own and be a spectacle you want them to be. Recommend More for Large Areas. The More You Line, the More Beautiful They Look. Enjoy these glowing pebbles scattered in your garden, like faraway stars on the ground.


Product Specifications:

  • Material: resin + Photoluminescent pigment
  • Size: about 0.8″-1.2″/ Pcs 2-3cm
  • Weight: 230g

Package contains:

300x Glow in the dark Garden Pebbles


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