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Gazebo Cover Top Replacement Outdoor Garden Canopy Cover UV Sunshade 8×8 ft 10×10 ft

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If you have that old gazebo cover storage in your garage because the top cover lost its color, broke, or is damaged. In that case, you need a replacement! But, not every replacement is good quality and you just don’t want to waste time and money. Hey! This is your opportunity! Here you have the best gazebo cover replacement to recover that old and dusty stand!

This gazebo cover is perfect for placing a shade over your garden chairs, perfect for a game night, a poolside talk with your friends and family, or just to relax and have a peaceful time for yourself. Just hearing the sounds of nature in your beautiful garden.

This gazebo cover replacement is also perfect to mount a stand on those church or state fairs. Sell your products under the shadow of a comfortable gazebo cover. Not just that! This gazebo cover is specially designed to protect you from UV rays, keeping you safe and healthy. Did you know that constant and direct contact with the sun UV lights may cause skin cancer and many other terrible diseases?! You have to take care of yourself and your family!

As this product is water-repellent and weather-resistant. It creates a cozy place to stay during a drizzle. This gazebo cover is thicker, more durable, and with better effect than other 160g/sqm or 180g/sqm polyester canopies, also have reinforced corners for extra reliability, making this product durable and perfect for a long time.

Are you thinking about going to camp? You should take your gazebo cover with you, providing better sun protection, shade, and a perfect and peaceful place to spend a drizzle or rain.

Product Specifications:

      • 8×8′, Dual-tier Canopy
        • Upper Tier Hemline Lenght: 32 11/16″ x 32 11/16″(83 x 83cm)
        • Upper Tier Hypotenuse Lenght: 24 13/16″(63cm)
        • Upper Tier Middle Height: 18 1/2″(47cm)
        • Bottom Tier Hemline Lenght: 98 7/16″ x 98 7/16″(250 x 250cm)
        • Bottom Tier Hypotenuse Lenght: 56 11/16″(144cm)
        • Bottom Tier Middle Height: 40 9/16″(103cm)
      • 10×10′, Dual-tier Canopy
        • Upper Tier Hemline Dimension: 37″ x 37″(94cm x 94cm)
        • Upper Tier Hypotenuse Dimension: 28 3/4″(73cm)
        • Upper Tier Middle Height: 22 13/16″(58cm)
        • Bottom Tier Hemline Dimension: 120 1/16″ x 120 1/16″(305cm x 305cm))
        • Bottom Tier Hypotenuse Dimension: 67 11/16″(172cm)
        • Bottom Tier Middle Height: 50″(127cm)
      • 10×10′, One-tier Canopy
        • Top Tier Hemline Dimension: 120 1/16″ x 120 1/16″ (305cm x 305cm)
        • Top Tier Hypotenuse Dimension: 88 9/16″(225cm)
        • Top Tier Middle Height: 65 3/8″(166cm)

Package contains:

1x High-quality Gazebo Canopy Replacement

1x Manual

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