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These pruning scissors are not like the others, It is very light, suitable for use with one hand, with a cutting capacity of up to 20mm in diameter, being able to cut flowers, plants, hedges and light branches. They have a safety lock to avoid manipulations by children or any type of accident. It has a 3-stage mechanism to facilitate cutting by following these steps:
– Press once for 1x cutting power
– Release and press again for 2x cutting power.
– Release and press a third time to obtain 5 times the cutting power.
With these pruning scissors, all gardening tasks will seem easier, you will not have to carry very heavy and unsafe tools.

Benefits of our Pruning scissors:

• Guaranteed durability, its body is made of aluminum, PVC handle and has a very sharp SK5 blade for faster cutting speed.
• It is light and ergonomic.
• It has a safety lock to avoid accidents.
• Requires less effort thanks to its pulley mechanism.
• This lawn mower has a smart ratchet for a near-automatic mechanism that makes work easier.

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