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Garden hand Weeder Stainless Steel Multipurpose Home Garden Tool

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If you love nature, love hiking, going camping, or any outdoor activity. This product is a must-have! This multipurpose garden tool is so much more than just a weeder. You can use it as a shovel, a ruler, a hex wrench, comes with a rope. Heck, you can even make your own spear for hunting or surviving! You don’t have to think about this twice. If you are going camping or hiking, be prepared! It’s dangerous to go alone, take this weeder!

This multipurpose weeder suits perfect for any regular garden occasion, you can use it to dig, loosen the soil, plant or transplant. Perfect to cut unwanted bushes branches that alter the symmetry of our garden.

High-quality steel

Made with high-quality, durable, 420 stainless steel, this shovel comes with 2 blades that results pretty useful for any occasion. One of these is a sawing edge blade for cutting harder materials as branches, wood. Not only that! the other one is a razor-sharp, thin blade perfect for precise and dangerous cuts!

This survivalist must-have comes with graduation marks, so that you can rule exactly on how deep is the soil, or to choose the right deep to plant your seeds or transplant some flowers properly!

Not just for gardening!

Hard metal handle with a rope around that can be unfolded and there you go! You have a 114 inches (289.5cm) rope! That might save your life in the wildness! You could never know until its too late!

If you are lost in the forest, you have nothing to eat and wild animals are all around you. You are going to need something to protect yourself and hunt for food! In this case, this multipurpose weeder works perfectly as a tip of a spear, you just need to find the perfect branch or log, attach one end to the hollow handle, use the rope to secure the shovel. And there you go! A proper spear made in a couple of minutes!

This product comes in a comfortable knife holder so that you can wear it comfortably and ready for any outcome in the wild!

Product Specifications:

  • Model Number: HSHYC
  • Application: Garden Shovel

Package contains:

1x Garden hand Weeder Stainless Steel Multipurpose Home Garden Tool

1x Shovel holder

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