Electronic Pest Control | Ultrasonic Repellent, get rid off Insects, Mouses and rats


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If you are worried about your house is the house for so much more than just your family. Do you think you have undesirable animals such as rats, cockroaches, mosquitos, flies, and many more? You shouldn’t have to worry about those disgusting pests! And we present to you the best product for solving all your problems. This electronic pest control device.

Made with high-quality, long-lasting materials. This pest control device promises you to control and eliminate at once those undesirable and nasty plages that are trespassing your home! Because of its high-frequency sound, it will work by maintaining all those troublesome animals away! As they won’t like the sound this product makes.

Place one in every corner and bedroom where you think animals like rats, mosquitos, flies, or cockroaches wander when lights are off and everyone is sleeping! Guarantee the safety for your family, these animals are highly dangerous as they transmit diseases like ehrlichiosis, pest, dengue, malaria, and many other terrible diseases! Prevent your family from getting sick and stay safe and secure all night!

Easy to install and maintain.

When installing this electronic pest control device, be sure to place it vertically, to keep it away from other sound devices. This machine should be installed at 80-120 centimeters away from the floor. This product will begin to work as soon as it’s connected to an electrical source! Although this product is made with long-lasting and durable materials, which makes this product works for a long time and many years, this product is fragile in case of smashes, hits, falls. As it might damage the sound maker device in the inner.

Product Specifications:

  • Frequency ranges: 22-65KHZ
  • Power source: AC 90V-250V 50-60Hz
  • Power: 5-6W Plug: US plug, EU plug
  • Size: 88x55x33 mm(approx)
  • Color: White

Package Include:

1 x Electronic Pest Control | Ultrasonic Repellent, get rid off Insects, Mouses, and rats

Electronic Pest Control | Ultrasonic Repellent, get rid off Insects, Mouses and rats