Cordless Electric hedge Weed Trimmer 2 in 1 and USB rechargable

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Evolve the way you mow your lawn! Stop using those old days garden scissors and machetes, we present to you the best electric weed trimmer you are ever going to see. This USB chargeable, cordless, light, and durable electric weed trimmer is going to make you love gardening even more! 

Mown the lawn, reduce the size of your trees and plants, shape the bushes as you want. The limit is your imagination! After buying this product you are going to feel like a professional gardener and your garden is going to look as you always imagine!

Perfectly design

Adjustable ergonomic grip for easier hold and maneuver. Ths weed trimmer comes with an adjustable +30° or  -30°. So that you only have to choose the proper angle to cut the bushes and keep that hand steady.

Attachable blades to suit any occasion, you can cut a long mown or hedge for a perfect defined cut. Easy to change as the electric weed trimmer comes with a blade quick release system.

Safety lock so that the machine will stop working as soon as you stop pushing the lock.

Thanks to its Li-Ion 3.6V battery, this weed trimmer runs at 1000rpm, which will give you more than enough power to cut that undesirable and will lawn. This product runs up tp 40min total of working time per charge, which is going to be more than enough to get that yard or garden perfectly cleaned up!

Transform your gardening experience, which can be a nightmare, to more fun and entertaining activity that you can do by yourself or transform into a great family or couple activity!

Product Specifications:

  • Power Source: Electric Hedge Trimmers
  • Length Of Blade: 27 cm
  • Model Number: PTET1053
  • Scissor Type: DUAL

Package includes:

1x Cordless Electric hedge Weed Trimmer 2 in 1 and USB rechargeable

2x Attachable blades