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72″ x 150′ x 2″ Chicken Wire Galvanized Poultry Net – Metal Mesh Fencing

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Keep any undesirable visitor away from your property! Protect your garden, your harvest, or your animals with this chicken wire. Perfect to keep wild big and medium-size animals like raccoons squirrels, street dogs, or any other wild animal away from your organic veggies and food!

If you want to keep your small farm animals, like chickens, livestock, or newborn puppies that you can’t keep inside the house. Keep them close and secure in your yard! If that is the case, we recommend to surround them completely with this chicken mesh. feel secure and be relaxed this fence will work perfectly and keep all your problems away.

With this 72″ x 150″ x 2″ galvanized chicken wire mesh you will secure your whole garden, plantation. Or you can even make your own chicken pen. As this is a 20 gauge wire, you can be certain this metal mesh will work as a great wall for the animals to be kept away from your property!

One just never knows when you are going to need one good long-lasting and reliable chicken wire. They are so many great uses this product has. Firstly going from the most common, use it to keep your animals in sight, avoid getting them loose and free while also giving them enough space to move peacefully. Second, many people use this chicken mesh as a metal lath to help you hold concrete or plaster while building. And lastly, maybe someday your children will need to make a papier-maché structure for school and you will help them build it with this chicken wire.

Do you see it? The possibilities are limitless! You never know when you’ll need a wire! So you better just buy it now and be prepared for it!

Product Specifications:

  • 72″ x 150′ x 2″ Galvanized Poultry Net 
  • Metal Mesh Fencing / Chicken Wire
  • 2″ Holes
  • 20 Gauge wire (0.8 – 0.9mm)

Package contains:

72″ x 150′ x 2″ Chicken Wire Galvanized Poultry Net – Metal Mesh Fencing


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