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20″ Bar Gas Powered Chainsaw Chain Saw 52cc Wood Tree Cutting Aluminum Crankcase

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Every man needs one powerful chainsaw for those days when you need to get some wood, logs and to cut down a tree that’s threatening your house! But is not enough just to have a chainsaw. You need the best chainsaw in the market!

This oil-powered chainsaw is perfect for every situation. As it is made with high-quality metal, perfect for keepíng that saw blade as sharp as the first day. Great grainy-shaped handle to improve grip and prevent any slipping. Convenient choke knob for easy manual starting the engine, extreme speed of ignition thank their high-quality materials. And also prevents any accidents after the engine is on. While also having a safety switch for safe storage.

Perfect use, as this chainsaw is easy to use, comfortable, and have great working power. Able to cut through any log or wooden surface in the shortest time. Maximum durability for tough applications. 48cm blade for excellent work and perfect labor-saving cuts.

This product is going to change the way you work on a daily basis. As it is comfortable, easy to install and long-lasting. Just be sure to maintain it properly, adjust the screws every now and them and to regularly change the engine oil!

Product Specifications:

  • Ignition System CDI
  • Oil Tank Capacity 260ml
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 550ml
  • Engine Displacement 52cc
  • Maximum Engine Power 2kw/8500rpm
  • Maximum Cutting Length Guide Bar Size 20″

Package contains:

1x 20″ Bar Gas Powered Chainsaw Chain Saw 52cc Wood Tree Cutting Aluminum Crankcase

Note: Be sure to read the user manual and be sure to know how to use this product before using it. Don’t use it under the influence of alcoholic or illicit substances.

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